At Long Lot Farm Brewery, we always have ten beers on tap! And while our tap list changes often, here is a list of our beers, both past and present, so you can get a better idea of what we serve in our taproom!

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    [Stout] Blending dark chocolate and spice seemed like a good idea, so we put the two together in a beer! The peppers are grown right next door at Peace and Carrots Farm and are carmalized before being added to the beer. The result is a stout that features a heavy hit of chocolate with a subtle spice that is present but not at all overwhelming.
    ABV 6.3% / 70% NYS Malts / 100% Long Lot Hops NYS

    [Pale Ale] A pale ale with featuring a background of light caramel with a balanced bitterness. Named after the official color of many of the tractors that are on the farm.
    ABV 5.5% / 85% NYS Malts / 40% Long Lot Hops

    [New England IPA] Pine Island, New York is where the famous “black dirt” was created from the retreat of the glaciers from the last ice age. The soil grows many crops including most of the malt that is in our beers! This delicious New England India Pale Ale has a balanced bitterness and notes of citrus, tropical fruit, and pine.
    ABV 7.5% / 90% NYS Malts / 30% Long Lot Hops

    [Porter] For the past few years we have been tapping some of the maple trees on the farm. So, the obvious choice was to make a beer with the maple syrup. Notes of chocolate, coffee, earth, and wood with minimal bitterness.
    ABV 6% | 85% NYS Malt| 100% Long Lot Hops

    [Saison] This farmhouse style ale was traditionally brewed with lower alcohol percentages meant for a good refreshing summer beer. Ours certainly has a higher ABV but is still very easy to drink with a light, slightly dry mouthfeel, lots of fruit esters from the yeast and orange peel. Coriander adds a slightly earthy and spicy flavor.
    ABV 7% | 90% NYS Malt | 100% Long Lot Hops

    [IPA] Perfect for those summer days when all you want to do is hang out and sit on the porch! One of our lighter IPA’s brewed with a good amount of unmalted wheat and hopped to feature a light bitterness with a ton of fruity flavor and aroma.
    ABV 5.5% / 90% NYS Malt / 60% Long Lot Hops

    [IPA] As one of our most popular beers to date, Heavy Junk is a hazy and fruity IPA with an ABV of 6.8%. To create the perfect blend of hops and flavor, we incorporated a batch of Veteran Blend Hops from Yakima Chief Hops into our brew. As a result, this beer is not only delicious, but it also helps support our veterans! ABV 6.8%